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The Mathews Center for Cellular Therapy (MCCT) at downtown Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital offers researchers, clinicians and biotech companies regulatory compliant labs and services to manufacture minimally manipulated and complex biotechnology products.

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  • Good manufacturing practices (GMP)
  • Good tissue practices (GTP)
  • Adaptable to most biologic and cellular processes for phase I – III clinical trials
  • Access to 24/7 monitored cryopreservation storage facilities for manufactured products
  • CLIA certified testing for release criteria
  • Regulatory and process support


  • GTP
  • Good laboratory practices (GLP)
  • Accommodates minimally manipulated products

Contact for additional service and product information:

Northwestern's adult stem cell, solid organ transplant programs, and allergy and immunology divisions

The Robert and Ann Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

  • Stem cell products
  • Culture expanded cellular products
  • Isolated cellular subpopulation products
  • Combination products (medical devices + biological components)

Nationwide biotechnology companies

  • MCCT collaborates on cellular and biological therapies
  • Pediatric cellular products

Thomas Shook, MT (ASCP), Manager of MCCT By e-mail or phone 312.926.9215